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Enterprise Cloud Solution Partners

Combined with cloud technologies that encompass 360-degree coverage of running an effective and efficient business, our cloud services offerings work in harmony to achieve best-in-cloud performance for better business outcomes.

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Our suite of offerings work together to provide best-in-cloud, high value business outcomes.

Enterprise Cloud Application Solution Partners

RM Dayton Analytics partners with the best, modern-architected cloud application technologies available. Where to you want to go tomorrow? Imagine the possibilities of leveraging the best cloud technologies, working harmoniously together. Go further with business outcome focused best-in-cloud solutions for the offices of the CFO, CMO, CRO and CPO. Combined with our personal, no-fluff approach, our best-in-cloud suite of solutions work in harmony to drive you forward, further, and faster.

Leading Cloud Applications

Achieve better business outcomes with the right cloud technologies.

RM Dayton Analytics has selected only the best-in-cloud application technologies that promote a forward-looking view across connected teams, suppliers, customers, and data providers. Selecting the right technologies impacts ability to scale and react at the speed of business.  You need to be ready when the right opportunity presents itself.  Since we were founded in 2014, we have been zeroed-in on leveraging best-in-cloud technologies so that you can take actions that provide better business outcomes.

We have had a front row seat over this period of digital transformation to observe the impact of cloud application technology stacks used by analysts, data engineers, data scientists, machine learning engineers and data architects in Finance, Marketing, Operations and IT to solve the most pressing business challenges.

We view cloud data platforms as a competitive edge different from anything in the past.  It is, in our opinion, revolutionary.  Are you leveraging your data platform and cloud application technologies to what they can achieve?  A suite of crucial cloud applications, working together in harmony, sets up your organization for long-term success.

These are not just nice words.  We were so thoroughly convinced of our selected suite of cloud application technologies’ propensity to provide the better business outcomes, we put skin in the game and became partners.

We’re ‘all-in’ on these cloud application technologies and 100% dedicated to ensuring insights are available to you as your business evolves by leveraging these selected best-in-cloud solutions.

Scale and Share Data Readily for the Long Haul with a Modern Data Cloud Platform


Our top two 'pairs well with' – Looker and Pigment. Looker is the Snowflake partner for self-service analytic insights at scale, without the complexity and inflexibility of conventional solutions. Pigment offers native integration with Snowflake for next-level decision intelligence, making the vast amount of Snowflake data available for integrated planning.

At the technology core of our recommended best-in-cloud stack is the Snowflake Data Cloud Platform.  With Snowflake, you can create a Unistore workload, where you transaction and analytic level data is stored only once.  If your data is siloed or cannot be shared either internally or externally with ease, RM Dayton and Snowflake can help you scale your use cases.

Propel Extended Planning Across the Offices of the CFO, CRO, and CPO


Our top two 'pairs well with' - Snowflake and Looker. By connecting Snowflake with Pigment via the native integration, you can build a decision intelligence framework, with Snowflake data directly connected for Pigment for integrated planning source data. Pigment is a Looker partner and can send data to or receive data Looker with the Pigment Exchange API.

Connect five business plans into one with Pigment, which provides an integrated framework for connected planning.  Pigment scales, enabling you to aggregate large amounts of data in real-time from all your sources.  You can be efficient with Pigment, doing less grunt work than with competitive applications, freeing up bandwidth to course on what matters.   Near and dear to us, Pigment helps you align your teams, breaking down silos.  In addition to ensuring data integrity across your business models, Pigment promotes collaboration.  You can get everyone aligned easily on key metric definitions, dependency diagrams and email conversations, which run directly on Pigment.

Close Early with The Future of Financial Consolidations and Reporting

Fluence Technologies

Our top two 'pairs well with' - Pigment and Automation Anywhere. Fluence and Pigment are new modern technology stack partners that buck the traditional ‘all-in-one’ solutions which often result in either finance or accounting conceding on their requirements for the needs of the other. Automaton Anywhere can automate Fluence close processes and reporting.

Close early with Fluence, a modern architected solution in this space long overdue.   Financial close might not ‘sexy’ but we’ve got to do it well.  You can deliver consolidated financial statements in record time with out-of-the-box consolidation models, drag-and-drop workflow and a cloud calculation engine that scales with your business.  Close your books in confidence in days, not weeks.  Replace your legacy solution or endless spreadsheets with intuitive workflow automation.  Working in an Excel paradigm, Fluence leverages technology that uses 100% native Excel as the window into your data and the canvas to design glorious reports.

Get Integrated Views from Any Cloud and Empower Users with Real-Time Analytics

Google Cloud Platform

Our top two 'pairs well with' - Snowflake and Pigment. Looker and Google Cloud harness the full power of Snowflake data directly via a flexible modeling layer. Together, Snowflake and Looker natively integrate to understand business data from both traditional and newer machine generated sources, so all an enterprise’s users can work with all the data and all workloads. Looker leverages Snowflake’s native support for semi-structured data (JSON, etc.). Pigment can send data to or receive data from Looker via native connection with its partner Looker.

You get a better understanding of your business with Looker and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), where you have the flexibility to choose your cloud, workflow, and database.  Looker sits right on top of your business, supporting BigQuery, Snowflake and more than fifty SQL databases, even in hybrid environments.  Looker scales with enterprise-grade encryption across any and all clouds. Real-time dashboards give in-depth analysis, eliminating data lag.

An Opportunity to Innovate with Intelligent Process Automation

Automation Anywhere

Our top two 'pairs well with' - Snowflake and Fluence Technologies. Automaton Anywhere can process structured and unstructured data from sources like legacy systems and local system files, then store it in Snowflake. For instance, convert PDF documents directly into Snowflake, then seamlessly incorporate the Snowflake data into an automated workflow. Automation Anywhere can automate Fluence processes, such as those requiring more detailed exposures and complex calculations, shifting teams to the high-value advisory work that drives business transformation.

Automation Anywhere combines artificial intelligence (AI) with robotic process automation (RPA) to accelerate operational efficiencies across all our other best-in-cloud application partners.  Time, people, and data are constrained resources in any company.  You can use intelligent process automation (IPA) technology as digital workers to take over mundane, repetitive tasks, improving workflows and boosting efficiency.

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