Industry Reinvigorated: Energy & Resources

Revolutionizing the world's energy outlook

From factories to fields and farms, creating better outcomes

Industry Reinvigorated: Energy & Resources

Revolutionizing the world's energy outlook

From factories to fields and farms, creating better outcomes

Advanced Analytics in energy & resources

As the massive shadow of climate change continues to overbear nearly every other conversation we have in the modern world, the energy industry, perhaps more than any other, has come under scrutiny for its responsibility and practices. We have to begin changing the way we think about energy, and that starts with being more mindful in the ways we use our limited resources. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still room for growth. Thinking smarter about our industry, mining, construction, and energy can lead to better outcomes for all involved, including a greater profit on the back end, lower costs for all of us who consume these products on a daily basis, and the capability to build a sustainable business model going forward into the 2020’s and even further.


Refining Oil Fields

Every year as oil reserves decline, the big oil companies and oil-producing countries induce huge costs simply digging and looking for where the next pocket of the black gold may be. Utilizing historical information about the location of past oil fields alongside geographical knowledge surrounding topography and mineral layout, artificial intelligence can narrow down potential locations for the next oil strike, allowing producers to move quickly between sites.

Traditional technologies have siloed data for years, creating limits around how data can be accessed, analyzed, and shared. Organizations can unlock the true value of their data with the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform.


Industrial Products

Smart Factories

Dating back to Henry Ford, helping factories run more efficiently has been one of the most important ventures of the past century. It’s now possible to make greater leaps forward than ever before, as easily accessible foundational technologies such as data analytics and cloud networking can be used to facilitate any number of factory processes. Quality assurance, improved conveyance systems, and smarter energy use can all be regulated using artificial intelligence.

Engineering and Construction

Digital Construction

Because construction companies are constantly working against the clock, finding ways to trim time off their expected completion date is paramount. Digital transformation through data analytics, computer vision, and predictive maintenance can help construction teams stay ahead of schedule as well as any setbacks that could be primed to pop up. Companies can then utilize their capital in an optimal fashion, reduce downtime to reach completion faster, and begin to automate processes that don’t require human labor hours.


Metals and Mining

Intelligent Mining

The mining industry stands to benefit greatly from AI and machine learning should they be able to provide the data necessary to train the models.  The center from which the machines will run will require both historical data, allowing it to analyze patterns and find opportunities for improvement within the company operating system, and real-time data, which will work to constantly control the updated processes and ensure they’re running smoothly.

How Dayton Digital can help

Advanced analytics in energy is at its best when it is providing pragmatic insights to inform your approach to the real business challenges you encounter every day.

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