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Enterprise AI

Charting the future of business is defined by how we work with tech we create.  We focus on harnessing the capabilities of AI and cognitive technologies to arrive at smarter insights, which lead to more confident decisions and stronger business outcomes.


As enterprise AI and cognitive technologies extend the power of technology to tasks heretofore performed by people, they can enable organizations to re-think the traditional trade-offs between speed, cost, and quality.

New opportunities for enterprise AI adoption exist in multiple facets of business.  Any business can make use of AI technologies to overcome perplexing business bottleneck problems and to elevate the customer experience.

This transformative age needs knowledge workers aligned the right way … to capitalize on AI and deliver pragmatic results to help change the world.

All we do is Digital and Advanced Analytics, so you can get the right people and pragmatically realize the business benefits from enterprise AI.  We can help your team demystify and understand the value and risks, pragmatically augmenting the capabilities needed for your organization to infuse and scale AI.

We help demystify AI technologies, and turn the hype into a reality. We’ll help you with the right people needed to work with you to infuse the autonomous and intelligent capabilities that will transform and innovate the way you operate in this Transformative Age.

Featured and partner technologies used for digital transformation

Our latest thinking

How Dayton Digital can help

  • To realize value from AI, you need innovative integration and orchestration of robotic, intelligent and autonomous capabilities.


  • First, we’ll help demystify, providing pragmatic alternatives to scale AI.


  • Then we’ll work with you to incorporate intelligent capabilities that will innovate in this Transformative Age.


  • We will align the right knowledge workers to help you realize strong business outcomes from enterprise AI. 


  • Here are five domains, in people terms, in which transformation can occur through incorporating AI capabilities.

On the agenda

There's a pragmatic way to infuse, adapt and scale AI

Let’s demystify artificial intelligence

Here are five domains, in people terms, for this Transformative Age in which transformation can occur through incorporating intelligent and robotic capabilities.

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