Industry Reinvigorated: Media, Entertainment & Technology

Staying on top of technology

Disconnectedness is not an option for search, networks and automation

Industry Reinvigorated: Media, Entertainment & Technology

Staying on top of technology

Disconnectedness is not an option for search, networks and automation

Advanced Analytics in media, entertainment & technology

Perhaps more than in any other industry, technology, entertainment, and media companies must be ahead of the newest trends and techniques if they want to remain competitive. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used across many different technologies, almost any you can think of; those companies who choose to take advantage of them enable themselves to provide cutting-edge solutions and remain ahead of the game as over time the technology continues improving itself. Like in all situations, the model will need large amounts of training data before it can be considered operational, but AI can be a gold mine for technology companies as long as they’re willing to take the preparatory steps necessary to maximize the return on their investment.


Natural Language Processing

Many media companies introduce new features and need to quickly get a large amount of feedback on them before deciding whether to keep them or move in a different direction. Natural language processing (NLP) analyzes language patterns to understand text written on reviews, social media, or anywhere available online. This helps companies get a general tone for the response to their product and adjust their engagement accordingly without having to conduct surveys on a massive scale.

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Social Media

Search Relevance

Media, and especially social media, is about finding who or what you know and then making deeper, longer connections from there. The inability to find what you’re looking for in the beginning can destroy the whole process. Whereas a company like Netflix that’s looking to pair users with their favorite movies and TV shows may have different goals than Facebook or Instagram, they all want their users to quickly be able to find their desired search query. AI takes what it already knows about media consumers and uses that alongside their searches to present the most accurate and relevant search results possible, giving more time for friends and less time frustrated in the search menu.


Network Improvements

Allowing artificial intelligence to take over some operations in the telecom industry will enable optimization among network solutions. Giving telecom providers the ability to eliminate human controllers will unlock future improvements such as hardware and software IoT solutions as networks will be able to operate and fix themselves autonomously.



Machine Automation

We have reached the point in technology development where computers can fix computers better and faster than humans can, and many enterprises have already instituted these machines in their operations. AI can understand programming, why some code was written a certain way, and fix code that has bugs or needs adjustments. Allowing computers to handle the mundane task of code writing frees the human creative to think of better ways to write it or even better objectives to have the machines write for.

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