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We align knowledge workers for an accelerated time to market. As an innovator in re-thinking knowledge worker alignment, we rebuff the traditional fluff.

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The Elite Few™

What does it take to be considered one of the elite few?  We align knowledge workers a bit differently than to that to which you may be accustomed.  We make it our business to proactively keep tabs on the very top tier of analytic talent on a more personal, networked level.  The ‘top guns’ are all we deal with … and we are laser-focused as a pure play digital transformation firm.

Let’s be clear.  Our elite few will typically be a cut above.  We don’t just sit back and wait for applicants to come to us.  Proactive is the operative word, and proactive networking is the operative process. 


As we focus only on digital transformation, we constantly are expanding our connected network within the domains of this space.

Excellent communication and technical skills are table stakes for the folks that make the grade to even be considered for further vetting.  That’s where we start.

It’s noteworthy that those assessing the skills here have technical degrees in engineering, computer science, etc., as well as folks with consulting experience and advanced degrees versus having non-technical people doing tech screenings.

We’re techies.  We’re able to ascertain the depth of an individual’s real-world technical competence, passion, and integrity and whether knowledge workers can “walk the walk” and “talk the talk.”

We recognize that it is always a challenge to hire knowledge workers in the competitive technology industry.  What we’ve realized, is that in many cases, it’s not always about finding the exact match skill set.  It’s also to make sure that you hire a good person.  Someone with integrity.  Someone with a good moral compass.  Someone who others would highly recommend, and other people like to work with.

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