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As an innovator in re-thinking Snowflake-Google Cloud and Business Analytics Consulting, we rebuff the traditional fluff.

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Our suite of offerings work together to provide best-in-cloud, high value business outcomes.

Enterprise Cloud Application Solution Partners

RM Dayton Analytics partners with the best, modern-architected cloud application technologies available. Where to you want to go tomorrow? Imagine the possibilities of leveraging the best cloud technologies, working harmoniously together. Go further with Snowflake-Google Cloud and Business Analytics Consulting and best-in-cloud solutions for your Finance and Sales organizations. Combined with our personal, no-fluff approach, our best-in-cloud suite of solutions work in harmony to drive you forward, further, and faster.

Be The Future First TM with RM Dayton Analytics Business Transformation


Improve Foresight

By looking at your business from a fresh perspective, we have a distinct vantage point, from which we can spot outcome-driven opportunities.  We can help you create a blueprint that will pierce through the haze that has built up around your business with our Snowflake-Google Cloud and Business Analytics consulting practice.

Connect Your Processes

Overcome the opaqueness by identifying silos and inefficient processes that can be unified.  Our best-in-cloud technology partners are carefully selected, not only for their individual abilities to scale quickly,  but also for how they work together.  Just as data should avoid being siloed, neither should implementations themselves occur in silos.  As you require 360 degrees of perspective, we selected cloud application technology partners that will provide the most visibility with the least amount of effort.

The Way Ahead

We work with you to understand your operational gaps across applications, then align best-in-cloud applications to drive better business outcomes.

The ‘State of Digital Transformation in the Enterprise’ white paper analyzes the responses from leaders of sixty-eight large enterprises to three dozen questions from our State of Digital Transformation in the Enterprise Survey.  Those who participated in this survey are market leaders from around the world, representing a wide span of industries, organizational power, and expectations from their current use of AI.

Drive Forward Best-In-Cloud Technologies Sans the Fluff

We saw the need to deliver cloud solutions that could scale and be delivered quickly.  We selected our suite of offerings anchored in Snowflake-Google Cloud and Business Analytics consulting services accordingly.  But part of it is also on us.  We rebuff the fluff.  We are not going to PowerPoint you into boredom ad nauseum.  Time to value matters, and that does nothing for you.  We’re not designed to up your project costs needlessly.  We’re not wired that way.

We help illuminate the path ahead, guiding you on the way toward better business outcomes with the most recently architected best-in-cloud applications.  Your company values are reflected in how you go about your business – your operations, your planning, your processes – so the applications that you use are reflective of who you are.  We were founded on the belief that all business is personal and that we wanted to be a force for good, to care on a more personal level that we do the right thing by providing solutions in which we believe, at a personal level, will truly make your business better.

Our latest thinking

Bridging the acceptance gap: how we will learn to trust enterprise AI?

Climbing the technology ladder of enterprise AI: teach your machines well

Delivering continuously adaptive value leveraging enterprise AI

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Unlocking human potential to be the future of work. Be The Future First™.

What are your goals today? Let’s re-think this whole thing.

We help companies align people and thrive in this transformative age by scaling Snowflake-Google Cloud and Business Analytics consulting knowledge workers in creative ways. We can go work for you in ways that enhance the potential of your workforce, stakeholders and customers. We help harness the power of artificial intelligence, drive digital transformation and build digital teams via our future of work approach to knowledge worker alignment. We enable companies by Aligning Tomorrow's Knowledge Worker™ with the future of work, creating better business outcomes.

How we can help with Digital Transformation

Disrupt like a start-up and plug into the future of work.

Be The Future First™

The world's most admired brands have leveraged RMDA. Pragmatically, we assist with seizing the day of digital transformation while lowering the risks that being transformative creates. We are not afraid to promote thinking like a startup.

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