Charting a course to modernize the cookie-cutter management consulting industry

Aligning Tomorrow’s Knowledge Worker™,Sans the encampment fluff ,For high ROI digital transformation,To connect your today with your tomorrow

Curated, just-in-time knowledge workers for bite-able, no fluff, high ROI digital transformation. As an innovative pioneer in knowledge worker alignment, we rebuff the archaic ways of Big Consulting. And you won’t find The Elite Few™ of our consortium there. The planet's most admired brands have engaged RMDA for enlightened digital transformation team building.

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Setting out to remake the cookie-cutter management consulting industry by proactively curating a consortium of The Elite Few™. We are pure-play digital transformation, persevering as a forward-looking team building alternative to establishing inhabitancy with Big Consulting or wrangling freelance contractors. We align handpicked knowledge workers for everything from data science and AI to intelligent automation and machine learning.

Principal Data Scientist


Previously at Disney

Principal Data Scientist


Previously at Neiman Marcus

Principal Data Scientist


Previously at Rolls Royce

Sr. Data Engineer


Previously at NBC Universal

Sr. Data Architect


Previously at Cognizant

Sr. Data Architect


Previously at Bank of America

Anaplan Senior Lead Consultant


Previously at EY

Sr. Planning Consultant – Hyperion


Previously at Boston Scientific

Master Anaplan Planning Consultant


Previously at Keurig Dr. Pepper

Sr. Blockchain Consultant


Previously at IBM

Sr. Blockchain Consultant


Previously at American Express

Sr. Blockchain Consultant


Previously at Boeing

Machine Learning Engineer


Previously at United Health Group

Machine Learning Engineer


Previously at Pepsico

Machine Learning Engineer


Previously at Verizon

Cloud Data Architect


Previously at USAA

Cloud Solution Architect


Previously at Coca Cola

Sr. Cloud Architect


Previously at Comcast

Sr. Intelligent Automation Modeler


Previously at Anthem

Sr. Intelligent Automation Modeler


Previously at Verizon

Sr. Intelligent Automation Modeler


Previously at Capital One

Sr. Big Data Engineer


Previously at Cognizant

Sr. Big Data Architect


Previously at Snowflake Computing

Sr. Big Data Engineer


Previously at EY

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Climbing the technology ladder of enterprise AI: teach your machines well

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How we can help with Digital Transformation

Disrupt like a start-up and plug into the future of work.

Be The Future First™

The world's most admired brands have leveraged RMDA for team building as an alternative to making the ‘pact’ with Big Consulting or wrangling freelance contractors. Pragmatically, we assist with seizing the day of digital transformation while lowering the risks that being transformative creates. We are not afraid to promote thinking like a startup.

Unlocking human potential to be the future of work. Be The Future First™.

What are your goals today? Let’s re-think this whole thing.

We help companies align people and thrive in this transformative age by scaling knowledge workers in creative ways. We can go work for you in ways that enhance the potential of your workforce, stakeholders and customers. We help harness the power of artificial intelligence, drive digital transformation and build digital teams via our future of work approach to knowledge worker alignment. We enable companies by Aligning Tomorrow's Knowledge Worker™ with the future of work, creating better business outcomes.

Agile startups threaten the very existence of the 'business as usual' old school incumbents. Top digital talent, including at the executive level, is oft times opting for “gig economy” projects. We believe that digital transformation acts as a conduit in unlocking human creativity and accelerating newer, more efficient and more gratifying ways of working.

We are extremely thankful for the folks at these admired brands that engaged us

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