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Download 'The Future of Finance: Exploring the Role of AI' e-book to get a realistic look at what finance can expect from AI in the years to come. Download the IDC Brief, 'Advance Your Integrated Planning to Navigate a Dynamic Business Environment', to learn more about a modern, integrated business planning maturity framework. To adapt under uncertainty, the traditional approaches to strategic planning must be replaced extended planning across the offices of the CFO, CRO, and CHRO.

Download: 'The Future of Finance: Exploring the Role of AI'

Pigment Integrated Planning

In the midst of the rise of new technology and information, plans and forecasts are created under external uncertainty. Traditional planning needs to be replaced by a dynamic, phased approach that adjusts to disruption. Planning must be quick to process change. It must adapt to ongoing developments. It must embrace to stakeholder and community engagement. 

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How can we modify our planning framework to process new info and adjust in a timely manner so that we can improve our organization’s maturity?  Sure, scenario planning is part of it. But it’s much more than that. It requires a transformative shift in how we approach the planning process. There needs to be seamless connectedness across financial, sales, and workforce planning.

If you stop and think about it, the concept of the multi-year strategic financial plan has gone the way of the CD. For that matter, those that dread the annual budgeting process can look at the bright side. That will hardly be necessary, because we just can’t plan that that far ahead with certainty.

Those that get it right will offer solutions that bring value beyond their products and services. There needs to be a shift from product selling to problem solving. One could argue, it should have always been this way. So, let’s just accept that as a silver lining.

The key question to ask is: how do we plan to provide solutions and solve problems via products and services that truly meet the current needs of consumers with change and uncertainty?  Integrated planning with embedded AI is the best way to equip your business to adapt to change efficiently and effectively.  Explore what is driving the rise of integrated planning with Pigment.

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