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Intelligent process automation is more than just a journey or technology.

Organizations that want to afford the human workforce the freedom to focus on what is important need to design their workforce in a new agile way.  The solution requires fresh thinking, embracing human-machine collaboration, which includes digital workers.  An organization chart going forward, for example, might show digital workers alongside human workers, adopting a view of automation that transcends conventional notions of enterprise software or outsourced solutions.   


The way work is performed today will differ a great deal from how it is performed tomorrow as intelligent automation becomes entrenched in the future workforce.  We can help you implement a pragmatic view of automation and business process improvement.  In this transformative era, artificial intelligence with intelligent automation (IA) delivers business processes with speed and agility.  Speed and precision are a must.  You need to be able to scale and flex with quick reaction times to meet existing and evolving challenges.  Without it, desired business outcomes will not be maximized.  By combining techniques and technologies to re-engineer and automate processes, we can achieve speed and efficiency while reducing errors and risk.

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is more than a journey or a technology.  To us, IPA is an advantage, opportunity, and necessary innovation.  It takes what is possible to become more than just an elusive, intangible strategic plan.  It becomes actionable and scalable.   Rather than staying stuck in the mindset of how individual technologies can be applied within an organization, intelligent automation is about re-imagining how business processes across the front, middle and back offices can be transformed.

Cognitive and intelligent automation transformations can be complex, and there’s no one-size-fits-all.  We apply transformative technology to deliver business impact by tailoring IPA to meet the demands of your industry and your organization’s needs.  We can help you build a reliable foundation for future innovation by using innovative automation solutions to help deliver your vision.  Combining business and technology services, with a creative, people-first approach, we help you enable enterprise transformation through innovative applications of intelligent process automation.

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How RM Dayton Analytics can help with a holistic IA solution for long-term success.

  • To realize value from intelligent automation, you need to ask yourself the right questions: 

             – Will you have a people-first approach to learn as you go, or will your approach to automation be enterprise wide?

             – Do you have an initial pipeline of opportunities with a defined time frame? 

             – Is there any other process standardization that needs to occur prior to starting the automation program you have in mind?


  • We will assist you with deployment that is measured in weeks to several months versus months to years. 


  • We’ll initially assist you in identifying opportunities for intelligent automation.


  • Then we’ll work with you to deliver and implement intelligent automation that will take the robot out of the human.

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