Snowflake Cloud Data Platform

The Snowflake Cloud Data Platform is a single, global unified system connecting organizations and data providers.  Comprised of two elements, the Snowflake platform and content, every Snowflake customer has instant access to the Data Cloud simply by using Snowflake’s platform.  Since we were founded in 2014, the same year as Snowflake, our sole focus has been business analytics and digital transformation.   


As we focus only on digital transformation, we’ve had a front row seat over this period to the technology stacks used by data engineers, data scientists, machine learning engineers and data architects to solve the most pressing business challenges.

We view the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform as different from anything in the past.  It is, in our opinion, revolutionary.

These are not just nice words.  We were so thoroughly convinced of Snowflake’s propensity to provide the better business outcomes in a better way, we put skin in the game.

We’re ‘all-in’ and 100% dedicated to providing Snowflake solutions.

How Dayton Analytics can help with the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform

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