Not Your Grand-Daddy’s Slicing and Dicing

Business Analytics in the Travel Industry The travel industry makes extensive use of business analytics to drive loyalty, promotions, revenue management – and ultimately, the customer experience. These are not your grandfather’s type of slice and dice analytics, but use a combination of data science, big data and business...

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Crossing Character

12 Dec, 2018

Though I’m way too imperfect to be held out as an authority, the confluence of the holiday season and two other prior events this year have interwoven, the summation of which, seem fitting to share this time of year.The first event occurred while attending an award ceremony at my...

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The Power of One

Regardless of the ‘how’ resources are hired, one thing is for certain: knowledge workers must represent the interests of the company – what RM Dayton calls an ‘inside looking out’ mindset.   With the a ‘less is more’ philosophy, we dare to ask, ‘why not?’ Have 20 resources on...

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