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Conference Spotlight

  • Strata Data is where cutting-edge science and new business fundamentals intersect.

    The conference is a deep-immersion event where data scientists, analysts and executives get up to speed on emerging technologies.  

    The selected speakers have a focus on the data issues that are shaping the finance, media, fashion, retail, manufacturing and energy worlds.  

    Let us know if you'll be attending.  

    Find 30 minutes on the calendar link, and we'll talk shop on business analytics over the java that you drink.

    The conference is being held in San Francisco, CA US, Mar. 25 - 28, 2019. 


    Java Calendar for Strata Data Conference 2019


Meshing Big Data and The Cloud - a White Paper by RM Dayton


Can High Volume and Velocity Big Data Applications Run Successfully on a Public Cloud Platform?
Some of the world's largest companies are mothballing their behemoth in-house applications running on MPP (massively parallel processing) databases in favor of cloud platforms. Download this white paper to learn:
- What skills do you need in deploying big data in a cloud?
- What is a data lake?
- What technologies are being used in near- and real-time large-scale cloud applications?

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Meshing Big Data and The Cloud White Paper