Our company was founded on the following principals: to align the game-changer knowledge workers in Big Data, Data Science and Business Analytics, serving and delighting both our customers and those whom we align.  There was a gap in the market for the way skilled analytics professionals were deployed.  

We set out to challenge the way knowledge workers in analytics are aligned with Big Data and Business Analytics projects.  

Since the day we were founded, our conviction has been that top talent should neither be viewed nor constrained by existing classifications or definitions. The right knowledge worker for a particular role could be anywhere, just waiting to be aligned properly.

Thus, our founding principal was borne – to us, it would not matter.  We would view and treat the various team building options available to our customers with equal passion and vigor, based solely upon their needs.  Our progression has led us to a keener focus on the barriers that exist due to talent silos and a process on how to navigate them.  

We’re therefore able to avoid the pitfalls of ‘hope and pray’ resource fulfillment.  Organizations should be able to experience a congruent, holistic experience in finding the right fit between people and project.