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“You [have] the techno-functional knowledge of a hiring manager  ...  which saves me an enormous amount of time and frustration.”

- Sr. Director, Fortune 500 Company


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  • Speed of Thought

    Back in the early 1990’s when OLAP was gaining traction, the term ‘speed of thought’ was used to describe the slicing/dicing retrieval time from cube.

    In the current era of business analytics, organizations are still grappling with getting insights from their ever-increasing data volumes.

    Today, in-memory analytics are enabling knowledge workers explore this data at previously unheard-of speeds, what some - once again - are referring to as being at the “the speed of thought.”

    In-memory analytics can process and analyze large data sets exponentially faster than what was previously possible, eliminating the need for a number of database optimization tasks.

In our discussions with technology leaders, we’ve observed that they share a common challenge.  They recognize that the traditional processes to get the people they need to drive their technology roadmap is inadequate, but they often are handcuffed on what they can do about it.  

To sum it up collectively, they are frustrated that they can’t align the analytic talent that they need to leverage their technology investments.

There are a number of traditional barriers in place that we are working diligently to transcend.  These include some fairly very basic impediments, starting with the old vernacular and the old ways of going about aligning knowledge workers.

Our mission is to be a team building company for analytics, focused on building teams of strategic and operations knowledge workers from an inside looking out perspective, rather than outside looking in, so that more intellectual capital is retained by our clients.

This is how business leaders that need to build teams of analytic knowledge workers view the situation.  They want flexibility in aligning people with the technology.  

But when it comes to creating a People Roadmap that aligns with their Technology Roadmap, they are hamstringed by the talent silos that get in the way of progress.


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