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Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.

- C.S. Lewis


Yes Jim, There is a High End

“You [have] the techno-functional knowledge of a hiring manager  ...  which saves me an enormous amount of time and frustration.”

- Sr. Director, Fortune 500 Company

Shout-Outs to Customers & Team

Ingrained in our DNA is that optimal talent does not necessarily refer to the top achievers in a company’s permanent workforce.  The top talent driving the technology may best be viewed as a collective – the combined force of all the analytic knowledge workers striving to get the most out of company’s analytic technology investments regardless of how they are deployed.

Our approach is to view the collective workforce holistically, not subscribing to the doctrine of pre-defined classifications that may limit an organization’s effectiveness in aligning analytic knowledge workers.  We were, from day one, created specifically to focus exclusively on the data analytics space - this is all we do.

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