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  • Strata Data is where cutting-edge science and new business fundamentals intersect.

    The conference is a deep-immersion event where data scientists, analysts and executives get up to speed on emerging technologies.  

    The selected speakers have a focus on the data issues that are shaping the finance, media, fashion, retail, manufacturing and energy worlds.  

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    The conference is being held in New York, NY US, Sep. 11 - 13, 2018. 


    Java Calendar for Strata Data Conference 2018

Asking what data is needed often only leads to an electronic dashboard for previously available Excel reports.  This merging of traditional BI into content will focus on the following areas:

- Predictive Analysis

- Process Awareness

- Content Analysis

- Event Monitoring


BI Market Evolution

Evidenced-based decision-making is spreading rapidly throughout organizations, according to Dan Vasset and Brian McDonough of IDC.  According to the authors of the article, “Taking Lessons from KM to influence Business Intelligence Pervasiveness,” (KMWorld), the IDC research suggests a statistically significant link between the analytic orientation of an organization and its competitiveness.

The IDC authors note that we are moving out of the initial phases which started with static, batch reporting in the mid-70’s, progressing to a focus on Ad Hoc Query, OLAP, and Data Warehousing into the 90’s, to where the market has been most recently been driven by Business Intelligence Suites and Analytic Applications, which focused on the following: 

- Collaboration and Workflow

- Dashboards and Visualization

- Scorecards

- Life Cycle Management 

Pervasive Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence market continues to evolve by incorporating new components into business analytics solutions. What started out as standalone batch reporting and statistics tools have matured into broad suites of components that address data integration, query and reporting, advanced analytic and other related decision support components.

Some of those business analytics activities will be based on straightforward information access through reports, dashboards or alerts to various devices, or they may be enabled through search functionality within business analytics solutions.

Other business analytics activities will include advanced analytic techniques for descriptive and predictive analysis of data, according to IDC.

Knowledge management practices have long extolled the need to understand business process reorganization and behavior changes, and linking that relevance with BI and analytics will serve us well as we make BI more pervasive throughout organizations. 

Raising the Bar

RM Dayton AlignRightTM is innovating the deployment of Total Analytic Talent Solutions that drive agility.  The traditional talent sourcing approach has been to fill project roles in talent silos. Ultimately, the client and worker will be better served when talent strategies bring together the optimal blend of ‘just-in-time’ analytic talent.
When aligning analytic talent, RM Dayton understands that there is plenty of room to raise the bar.  To achieve business agility, the collective potential of your analytic talent must be realized, regardless of how they are employed. Analytic talent strategies must be holistic, aligning the optimal blend of knowledge workers when and where they are needed.

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The Executive Technology Convergence Council is a forward-thinking community of knowledge workers who share a passion for providing technology convergence of structured and unstructured content.  Founded in 2009, The ETTC was Big Data before it was cool.  The group has limited a membership of 2500 and only permits thoughtful posts from industry executives and thought leaders relating to data analytics and data science.  

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