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“You [have] the techno-functional knowledge of a hiring manager  ...  which saves me an enormous amount of time and frustration.”

- Sr. Director, Fortune 500 Company

CIO Review - RM Dayton Wins Award for Top 20 Most Promising EPM Solution Provider 2016

  • CIO Review selects RM Dayton Analytics as a '20 Most Promising Enterprise Performance Management Solution Provider 2016,' its top-tier list. The merit-based award was earned after CIO Review's editorial research panel of experts evaluated over 300 solution providers. RM Dayton Analytics is changing the way the world's leading organizations deploy their X's and O's, aligning the world's most-prized intellectual capital.  

    "We are honored and humbled to receive this prestigious award," said Robert Dayton, Managing Partner, "EPM is the heart and soul of data analytics. To receive this award, in this category, at this juncture in our journey, not only is validation of our knowledge worker alignment mission, but also is a recognition award for our customers, who are at the forefront in the strategic use of data analytics."  CIO Review EPM Special Edition

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Propelling Forward Content-Powered Analytics

There are few companies that have the advanced systems and processes in place to support robust Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). Nobody's had time to do it right.

When Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) is infused, things can be different.


Elevating Enterprise Performance Management with Enterprise AI

When you factor in the time it takes to prepare the external reports, close the books every month - and then there's that planning process that seems to go on half the year - precious little time is left to re-think the whole thing.

Your grand scheme of transforming the organization becomes a pipe dream.  Yet CFO’s cannot afford to spend millions of dollars on a multi-year investment, which in the end, will only tweak core processes - apply a little new technology to obtain some modest degree of transformation.

They need to achieve aggressive growth targets.  Their customers have greater expectations than they did just a few years ago. Reports without action are history.  The Finance organization can be the cornerstone, owning the disruption, in leveraging an AI platform to make existing EPM systems smarter and faster.

Sure, traditional EPM continues to improve insights into the core transaction systems which underlie them.  Yet clearly, by design, the derived data results are permutations of the those transactional systems.

Machine learning adaptations infused into the EPM processes enable pattern detection, market modeling and predictions that yield goal-driven actions. Speed of discovery takes EPM to a new level of goal-driven action.

Finance - Transform

RM Dayton is trusted by Fortune 100 companies, as well as industry disruptors and other admired Global 2000 brands, to find the top talent that will develop efficient processes to reduce risk and lower costs.
For the top brands in the world, there's a lot more to finance than closing the books each month.  
To push the envelope, a passion for insight and innovation is needed. That's because it's about more than the numbers; it's about people.
Whether its financial strategy, reporting, forecasting or risk management, the decisions made by finance and accounting knowledge workers for the world's most respected brands can have an overarching reach.  
These decisions can have a very real, positive impact on the lives of people in communities throughout the world.