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Getting to know your customers can increase customer retention and loyalty - we all know this of course.  The holy grail of understanding one's customers more deeply, is to be able to nudge them them from being 'clients' into genuine advocates.  

To transform customer attitudes, you must create personalized experiences to which they can relate.  While customers are in the research stage, you need to connect with them.

This early connection at times entails reaching out to customers via mobile devices and social media in a manner that strikes the right balance of being timely, but not 'creepy' or overly intrusive.  The volumes of data related to social and mobile alone is growing at an incredible rate.  

As the three v's - variety, volume and velocity - of both structured and unstructured data increase, so does the demand for analytic capabilities to keep up with it all.  

You must create real-time interaction through the channels that your customers use. To do this, you need to analyze data from multiple perspectives as it becomes available so you get the right information or offer in their hands when they need it.

Marketing - Anticipate

Marketing goes beyond pretty pictures in digital media advertising.  Analytic technologies are leveraged to improve customer insights.  
The world's most respected companies want to engage with their customers in a way that makes the customer experience better.
They are looking for special individuals to become part of their teams - knowledge workers that come up with creative approaches to address the needs of customers around the world. 

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