Total Analytic Talent Solutions

RM Dayton Analytics, Ltd. Co. is a team building company, and accordingly, we align analytic knowledge workers differently than that to which you may be accustomed. 

There is a common challenge in organizations:  traditional methods of hiring create silos, which hinder sourcing the optimal blend of analytic talent. 

The traditional process is messy, and the hiring organization’s experience is so drastically different when hiring an employee, contingent worker or consultant.  

The right knowledge workers could be anywhere, and it’s an ever changing dynamic. 

We employ a customer centric approach to analytics knowledge worker deployment, with only our client needs in mind in aligning the optimal blend of analytic talent.   

Building teams from the inside looking out, we have an edge in synchronizing with our customers’ strategic and operational knowledge.

RM Dayton AlignRightTM naturally narrows the gap between the current state and desired future state of Enterprise Information Management. 

This alignment between people and project provides an alternative to the traditional approach of moving projects forward, so that your existing investments in data analytics technologies are more fully realized.  

RM Dayton aligns enterprise intelligence in a manner that transcends the iterative approach to deploying analytic talent.