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There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.

- Peter F. Drucker

  • AI Rules in Effect

    After decades of process automation, stability and productivity gains have been delivered, but not new growth.

    Enterprise yield is a new AI-enabled discipline - setting the stage for a new cross-enterprise executive discipline.

    Enterprise AI is changing the rules, enabling the discover of perishable opportunities hidden in diverse data.

    New growth is achieved by continuously sensing what people want and then delivering continuously adaptive value.

Cornell-r4 AI Collaboration


Cornell and r4 have announced the development of multidisciplinary courses for artificial intelligence (AI).
The Cornell-r4 Applied AI initiative will make AI courses available to students.
The initiative will provide opportunities for academic discovery in disciplines such as machine learning and statistics.

An initial focus of the initiative shall be to optimize the food chain, aligning demand.

The core goals are to impact social challenges and drive better business.

AI initiative for innovation, social impact

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AI Adoption Strategies - University of Oxford and r4 Technologies White Paper

This paper was co-authored by r4 Senior Strategist Steve Wendler and Oxford University Research Fellow Abhishek Dasgupta. 

"AI is being applied to some of the most vexing business problems today and virtually all use cases involve prediction. In several sectors, machine learning is being applied to demand forecasting, store assortment optimization, delivery optimization, and sales optimization."

 Learn about the factors that influence adoption of Enterprise AI, as well as the opportunities and risks.

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